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Real Time Information Retrieval and Analytics Platform

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What is DayWatch Platform?

The goal of DayWatch platform is to provide any company/developer an easy, fast and cost effective method to implement a real-time data retrieval, analysis and visualization system.

The platform base code is included into the software license, so it can be quickly extended or adapted for different business usages. E.g. : e-commerce analytics and monitoring, Real Estate, News, Social Media Monitoring, etc.

DayWatch is a distributed system built using:

Python programming language.
Django web framework.
• Javascript and jQuery.
Scrapy web scraping and crawling framework.
NLTK natural language processing framework.
Scikit-learn machine learning framework.
Tastypie webservice API framework.

DayWatch Platform capabilities:

Extract information from a given number of un-structured data sources.

• E.g. Web pages (including interactive navigation), RSS feeds, Excel files, text files. This process is made essentially using a data scraping system built using Scrapy and NLP techniques.

Cure, Analyze and synthetize information.

• Data retrieved can be used for data mining, text classification, and reporting between others.
• Data processing modules can be easily added to pipeline data processing.

Graphically display information.

• Through a multi-platform compatible Web GUI (phone, tablet, PC), DayWatch Platform is able to present several kinds of data visualizations. From pie charts, to lists, images, dynamic tables and reports.
• Information can be exported to CSV and XLS files.


Real-time panorama just in time.

Real-time panel allows you to view all the data sources and all items at the same time. Have a quick and brief panorama of what's happening right now and updated in real time. Real-time Panel Apply for a Trial

Items, prices, segments, competition, charts. On-demand reports.

Ultimate reports of business performance, segment behavior, market share. No more waits, every report you ever wanted, on-demand and dynamically. Analytics Panel Apply for a Trial

Every item, every result registered. Rewind, play and fast forward.

List, filter, sort, search and inspect every item of every source. You can get how many items, what categories, and whatever field you are interested in. Items are automatically classified according to your category tree. History Panel Apply for a Trial

Tendencies, patterns, projections. Things you can't miss in a sea of data.

We are Machine Learning experts, contact us to incorporate Data Mining components to analyze your data and understand how things behave to make your own predictions! Intelligence Panel Apply for a Trial

DayWatch Platform Pricing:


• Web Crawling / Scraping Framework
• Automatic Classification
• Spider scheduling
• Spider + Server monitoring
• Database structure
• Admin panel
• Spider package sample

Price: USD 12,000


• Real Time Panel
• History Listings Panel
• History Comparisons Panel
• Merchants Panel
• Analytics Panel
• Trends Panel
• XLS Export

Price: USD 8,000


• External data listings
• Search Engine

Price: USD 4,000


DayWatch Platform is shippied using a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-redistributable eternal software license. In short words, since the license includes source code you can extend and modify DayWatch, but does not allow you to re-sell the code nor show the code to others.

What you can do:

• Extend, adapt or integrate DayWatch code into your product/platform.
• Use it as part of your SaaS service/product.
• Sell SaaS licenses based on DayWatch Platform.

What you can’t do:

• IP rights of DayWatch Platform source code belong to Tryolabs, so you cannot re-sell the code, nor changing its copyright. DayWatch brand should be exposed though the legend “Powered by” on visible parts of product’s interface.

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